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Hello Sanatanis, Welcome to Dharma Karma Inc!

We are a private certifying authority for Products and services as per Dharmic Standards. Our #DharmaCertified seal will help you to identify and differentiate from each every product or service you consume form other products like Halal and Kosher.

“Sanatana Dharma” is a way of life and not a religion as interpreted and portrayed by foreign Abrahamic religions. Sanatana Dharma was designed as “A way of everyday living” for all Sanatanis to best ensure the continuity of humanity on this earth and provide the entire population with spiritual sustenance.

Given the fact that our way of life is getting redefined to a new and weird normalcy due to the invasion of Covid-19 pandemic across the world, we need to not only change our living standards at home, but also we need to have a vastly redefined and redesigned community standards.

Yes, it is true! Our scriptures do not just prescribe only spiritual standards, but speak volumes about the hygienic and ethical ways to live a healthy and peaceful day-to-day life. Indeed, our scriptures predominantly prescribe more about the material living standards for healthy life than just about spiritual practices.

We don’t have this choice today to identify any item that was manufactured, marketed and sold by the chain of organizations, if they follow the Sanatanis’ standards. The only standards that are widely available in the shelf is either Halal or Kosher certified. It is our humble vision to fulfill this very basic existential gap for Sanatanis.

We provide an international platform for all Sanatanis with lot of data and online information to choose #DharmicCertified retailers, wholesalers, manufactures and also service providers from the available other alternatives like Halal and Kosher. You will have all the required information from your local community about those business houses which are Dharma and Karma concious.

Our proposed massive international platform is well augmented by the latest Information technology and cloud services and we are actively supported by scholarly professional from various disciplines. We will help you to identify any product and any service that you avail, as a part your daily living, conforms to the level of hygienic standards of Sanatana Dharma.